About us

Skull Vilages was started as a passion project for spreading happiness and smiles around the globe, something there seems to be a lack of in so much of today's busy world.

Just take a look around you, or even your own life right this moment. When was the last time you felt truly happy, smiling from ear to ear?

If the answer is anything but "just the other day", then you are in our target audience. And we want to bring you into the ArtGiants family.

We focus on creating, sourcing and sharing problem-solving products that can help solve some of life's annoyances and irritations. Our mission is simple: make your life easier, one little step at a time.

In this way, we hope to relieve some of your stress and bring a smile to your face.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact us here if you have any questions.

Happy Shopping!

Matt, @ Skull Villages Inc.

Email: info@skullvillages.com